Wasel Arar: guitar & lead vocals
Jonni Kuutsa: mandolin
Kukka Lehto: fiddle
Jyrki Levä: bass & tenor vocals
Tauri Oksala: banjo & baritone vocals
Hannu Vanhatalo: bass

Lead singer and guitarist Wasel Arar has played bluegrass since the early 1980's. He was a founding member of the Picks & Hammers bluegrass band who made local fame in the 90's as a band ready to make a hardcore or modern bluegrass arrangement out of virtually any popular radio tune. This paved the way to eventually writing his own songs and instrumentals. In addition to being an active member of the Finnish Bluegrass Music Association he also holds a regular weekly Bluegrass workshop in the Helsinki area.

Mandolin player and co-composer Jonni Kuutsa has written a large part of Northstate's instrumentals and is also a former band member from the Picks & Hammers.

Jyrki Levä, originally on bass in the band, now plays the dobro to complete the bands bluegrass sound. A co-composer and a great tenor singer he also plays some mean dobro.

Kukka Lehto, currently a full time student in the Sibelius Academy studying folk music, is a fantastic Bluegrass fiddler. Her greatest wish would be to make a living playing Bluegrass. Wouldn't we all.

Tauri Oksala, the banjo player Northstate originally started with, is a top of the line banjo player and sings baritone. A talented bluegrass banjo picker, his banjo compositions have been published in the Banjo Newsletter.

Hannu Vanhatalo, former bass player for The Lake Country Boys and Picks & Hammers. And boy what a return in Northstate! Definitely one of the steadiest bluegrass bass players in Europe.